Georgina 'George' Kirrin is a character in the Famous Five . She is the only daughter of Aunt Fanny and Uncle Quentin. And cousin to Anne, Julian and Dick. She is a tomboy, demanding that people call her George and has a loyal dog named Timmy who'd do anything for her. Her ancestral home is Kirrin Cottage

Georgina Kirrin
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age young probably 30 or 40
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

where she currently resides just as her ancestors on maternal side. Her family once owned most of Kirrin but now only own the cottage, island and a farm. She is very rude to everyone sometimes.

She and her cousins along with her loyal dog spent their vacations solving mysteries which sometimes starts in the first and some time in the end. It is also noticed that before her cousins met her for the first time she didn't attend school even though her father, Quentin is a very much educated and renowned international scientist. She begins her schooling along with Anne and is seen a bit weak in few subjects like Latin and French and requires intensive teaching in the period of the second book.

She is very rude to people she doesn't seems to understands or likes about. She appears to love her mother rather than her father, Mr. Quentin

She is very fond of her dog a mongrel, Timmy. She cannot spend a day without Timmy. She always hates when Timmy starts liking people she does not like for example Berta the spoilt American girl.

Appearance Edit

George has short brown curly hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing a knitted pullover and beige or black short trousers.