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Alisha 'Allie' Campbell is the daughter of Anne and Ralph, and is girly like Anne. Her siblings are Zack, Jack and Alfred. She is a member of the Famous 5: On the Case. She is a happy shopaholic and uses her cell phone to keep in touch with California, where she was born before moving to Falcongate. Since she is girly and loves fashion, she can recognize anything that involves fashion, fabrics, jewelry, perfume, or footwear. It is also revealed that Allie is a terrible singer and has acrophobia, or fear of spiders (this fear was developed after she saw a movie where spiders take over the world). She gets cold easily and loves cute animals.

Appearance Edit

Allie wears a red blouse with a flower on it, blue jeans, red slip-on shoes, a red bracelet and a hairband to match. She is about the same height as Jo. She has fair skin and blonde hair.

In the episode: The Case of the Hot Air BA-BOOM!, Allie wears a pair of blue overalls over her red blouse and assessors with a pink belt.

Family Edit